Susannah Raulino



      Making stuff up.


I am endlessly interested in what gets people into a state where they are lost in fiction.  Absorbed by writing, acting, worlds they are creating.

Through years spent writing, I have learned to trust my inner visions.  I learned this most strikingly when writing a slapstick comedy “Emeralda.”  After the first 20 pages it made no sense to me and I decided no one would ever read it, but it was making me laugh so I kept writing.  And I kept letting it go wherever it wanted since I wasn’t trying to make it make sense or be good.  When I was done and reread it, I discovered that everything that seemed like a loose end was really connected.  Parts I’d forgotten about fit together in magical and significant ways.  I was flabbergasted, and to this day when I start to doubt the direction a work of fiction is taking, I think back to that experience and what it taught me about letting go and trusting the act of creation. 

Since then I have discovered that my goals in making film and theater, teaching creativity and yoga, are to open doors and open minds to new possible ways of being and new ways of thinking that allow us to see ourselves as good, loved, and whole, that encourage opening to new possibilities for ourselves and our worlds, and that enable us to let ourselves be, to let ourselves fall into place in the world.

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“Akimbo Bubble Scuttle Ruckus”

Short Plays with puppets and songs

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Dancy Street D’Orchestra 

Improvised Musical Comedy Theater

Salvage Vanguard Theater 2010


Improv that Tastes Good


“South of Tennessee”

Improvised Tennessee Williams Frontera Fest Short Fringe 2011

Batshyt Crazy

Puppet Plays & Improvised Puppet Theater

The Institution Theater 2013